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Husso the Barber


Over 10 years of experience still glad to keep my amateur spirit up. I believe in learning each moment of my life and never underestimate the power of development. Where we stand in present is just the past for our future. Always feel the soul of competition and never give up.


My job is a big percentage of my life and I adore it. Never feel like going for work. I assume my work is where I stand in life and what represents me, so I enjoy it deeply. Brush Barbers® is not a workplace it's a sharing environment for me, my colleagues and my clients.


Professionalism begins when you could give your clients what you expect from a barber as a client by yourself.

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  • Founder of Brush Barbers®

  • State Register Senior Barber

  • Educator at Great British Barbering Academy

  • Ninja Scissors Brand Ambassador

  • Andis UK Guest Educator

  • Member of The British Master Barbers Alliance

  • International Barber Award UK Finalist 2017

  • International Barber Award UK Finalist 2018

Tracey the Barber


I have a Level 5 Barber degree and started my career with a local barbershop.

After I've educated by Husso in a GBBA education I've really inspired to upgrade my skills. Even I've started my journey being a barber little late than expected I've never given up my dreams and keep up the hard work.


My belief and improvement had brought me Brush Barbers today. My motto is karma works great when you try harder and your destiny never disappoints you if you offer the most not least. That's why I've always offered all my focus and effort to each client.


I really enjoy my job and glad to be a part of Brush.

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