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Price update for Husso

Dear clients/friends

As you know we haven't been made any changes to our prices since 2019. We've been through a global pandemic and took several cautions to avoid changing prices. But unfortunately new energy costs, and overall price inflation throughout the supplies we are using are pushing us to an inevitable price update. Thanks for your understanding, we appreciate your support.

Here are the new prices for Husso:

  • VIP Pampering Package £70

  • Cut & Style £30

  • Cut & Style & Beard Trim Shape Up £40

  • Cut & Style & Hot Towel Shave £55

  • Cut & Style & Black Mask £45

  • Beard Trim Shape Up £20

  • Hot Towel Shave £25

  • Master Beard £25

  • Buzz Cut £25

  • Head Shave £25

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