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Possibility of the second lockdown

Possibility of a second lockdown is very strong for Glasgow. We are all ears for the announcement which will have been done on 17th November 2020. Until then as Brush Barbers® we had decided to make new arrangements of work-days of our team so we can offer services you need in case the confirmation of a lockdown.

As today we don't have any information regarding the lockdown confirmation or the starting day of this new Tier 4 rules. But we are trying to do our best to arrange our availabilities for the demand we are expecting.

Firstly we are opening extra days for Husso and Tracey. These days will be among normal work hours. In case the Scottish government make an announcement and confirm the lockdown we may arrange additional hours or in the opposite case, we may have to cancel all existing bookings.

We are deeply sorry about not being definite about the additional shifts but we can't force our team to do extra-long shifts before the announcement. On the other hand, we don't want to cause any inconvenience by cancelling extra appointments if the government decides not to proceed with a lockdown or even start it immediately.

We are opening extra days but we are not able to guarantee to offer any services after 17th November 2020. We may be asked to close our shops immediately. In this case, we will note the clients who have existing appointments before lockdown and will offer them a priority for bookings when we able to re-open.

If the government can give us a couple of days to make our arrangements, we will offer additional hours until lockdown date to accept the demand. In this case, we will make an announcement and inform our clients who can't find an available slot until then. You can follow our Facebook & Instagram accounts to hear about this announcement as soon as we publish or you can simply check our website.

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